XENTAURIX Evidence Recorder: The ultimate Media Recoding System

The XENTAURIX Evidence Recorder offers a variety of system solutions for monitoring, recording and replaying a wide range of video, audio and broadcast sources, as well as Internet live streams from web cameras and live streams from social networks such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. The XENTAURIX Evidence Recorder can also be used to create, edit and forward video clips. In addition, there is the creation, editing and forwarding of video clips, the restreaming of live signals and streams, multi-monitoring in unicast and multicast format. Our XENTAURIX “Evidence Recorder” is specifically used as a communication medium for the distribution, processing and archiving of AV signals in the area of command center, situation center as well as in the training and further training area.

Content analysis

The system synchronously records all metadata within the signals, such as subtitles, teletext and programme information, in which searches can be made and playback started with second precision. Optionally, XENTAURIX can also be equipped with speech recognition (speech-to-text) and AI-based content analysis to search for predefined patterns.

Multichannel Multisignal Recording

The Evidence Recorder seamlessly records all audiovisual video, broadcast and audio sources; optionally also telephone calls, radio traffic, desktop content from work monitors up to data from third-party systems. Events can be annotated with bookmarks during or after recording, saved, and then searched and replayed. XENTAURIX Evidence Recorder is available as a 1-channel solution as well as a multi-channel system with hundreds of channels.

Instant Replay Function

The audio-visual live feeds, recording and video clips can be displayed on work monitors and video walls – depending on user authorization. In case of events, our integrated Instant Reply function plays an important role. The live feeds can be called up on the browser-based XENTAURIX Dashboard (compatible with MS Edge, Mozilla, Chrome) without latency, time-delayed, at different playback speeds, and video clips created directly from them can be commented on and forwarded.


Our XENTAURIX MULTIVIEWER system is available for displaying AV signals on a video wall. Live TV, radio and video streams are displayed distributed on one or more monitors. The mosaic size and positioning of the channels and the multiviewer layout can be configured individually for each monitor. Up to 26 HD channels with overlay can be displayed per monitor and up to 8 audio bars per channel, channel name, time / date (local + GMT). Video / audio signal losses are signaled visually as well as acoustically. The number of monitors that can be combined to form a video wall is virtually unlimited.

Areas of Application

  • Control center
  • Command center
  • Defense center
  • Simulation center
  • Training facility

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