MULTIEYE Law Enforcement Video Surveillance Manager

MULTIEYE Video Surveillance Manager. Central management platform for video surveillance + analytics

Law Enforcement Video Surveillance Manager

The Law Enforcement Video Surveillance Manager is a central management platform for video surveillance and analysis of video recordings for a large number of video recorders which are currently in use.

Video Manager for applications with safety tasks

With the MULTIEYE Video Manager, complete application scenarios can be covered with one system. The clearly arranged web administration makes it possible to plan the necessary deployment or personnel placement in advance. At the same time the system provides a constant overview of all operations. Recordings and logs of access to the stored video data can be retrieved easily. In addition, it is of course possible to combine all other MULTIEYE modules, such as number plate recognition or face recognition. Both can be recalled from centralized and decentralized applications.

MULTIEYE video recorder

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Central Video Management system for

  • Access management and logging of event-related recordings
  • Inventory management of used cameras and recorders and web-based recorder pre-configuration
  • Proxy server for mobile recorders
  • Additional recorder in central station as recording buffer
  • User administration with and without Active Directory connection
  • Remote control of all processes including recording mode and duration