MULTIEYE Facial Recognition Software and Systems

We offer application-specific solutions for biometric face recognition.

Biometric face recognition in MULTIEYE NEXT

As of May 2022, the MULTIEYE NEXT video management software includes another AI-based component: Biometric Face Recognition.

The powerful and reliable real-time facial recognition is based on intelligent neural networks and in combination with its biometric reference template database is a powerful tool for access control, personalized customer service and also applicable for research and information purposes. Biometric face recognition is fully integrated into the video management event management and is a regular part of the MULTIEYE NEXT software.
MULTIEYE NEXT Face Recognition offers:

  • Real-time face recognition at the highest level
  • Fast search for faces
  • Can be used with cameras from any manufacturer

Ultra-fast, biometric face recognition

For the investigative field, biometric facial recognition systems are available that detect and identify a very large number of faces simultaneously in real time and with a very high recognition rate. In combination with a database, faces can be matched with thousands to millions of reference profiles in real time. These systems are used in airports, border crossings, train stations, subway/metro stations, terminals, stadiums, etc.