Mobile Video Station for Monitoring Objects, Events etc, AI-based

MULTIEYE STORM (Surveillance Tower for Observation and Remote Monitoring) is a hi-tech camera tower for mobile video surveillance and security of critical infrastructures, objects, for border security and control, traffic analysis, events, large construction sites, environmental monitoring etc.. The camera tower can be customized according to the requirement.

Standard equipment

The MULTIEYE STORM camera tower standard equipment includes an equipment container with video recorder, LTE router or DSL box, control unit with backup battery, 6m telescopic mast, 21MP 180°/360° overview camera*s, 4MP PTZ camera(s), loudspeaker for bidirectional audio, spotlight. Further equipment like thermal cameras, PIR close and long range sensors as well as container variants with fuel cell generator and photovoltaic panels for long term operation without external power supply are optionally available.

MULTIEYE BOS Manager Compatibility

MULTIEYE STORM Camera Towers are compatible with the MULTIEYE LEA Manager platform through a software upgrade. The towers can also be combined with the MULTIEYE MOVES mobile transmission system.


AI-based Video Recorder

The integrated MULTIEYE video recorder includes an AI-based video analysis. People, faces, vehicles as well as dangerous situations are automatically detected, classified and reported in live operation. The artificial intelligence thereby reduces false alarms to an absolute minimum. Depending on the application, special AI tools can be used additionally, e.g. for early fire detection, vandalism, left-object, slip-fall over-crowding up to the counting of persons, gatherings, vehicles.
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MULTIEYE CLOUD Central Video Recording

In commercial applications, the video streams from the camera tower can be securely transmitted to the MULTIEYE CLOUD control center, recorded and queried. All transmission data is highly encrypted. Live streams and recordings can be accessed via PC, notebook or app on a tablet or smartphone, subject to user rights.
Further information is available on request.