MULTIEYE MOVES mobiles video monitoring system as a case solution

MULTIEYE MOVES transmitting case

MULTIEYE MOVES receiving case

MULTIEYE MOVES (Mobile Observation Video System) is a mobile, robust video system for flexible surveillance and observation measures. It consists of weather-protected LTE transmitting and receiving cases and was specially designed for LEA operations. The video data is transmitted from case to case via VPN using state-of-the-art LTE routers from German production. Maximum encryption and security is used for transmission. Camera livestream monitoring, video recordings and evaluations (of one or more transmitting cases) can optionally be carried out via MULTIEYE support notebooks with installed MULTIEYE 3 software. Alternatively, we offer the project planning and delivery of a complete video control station with central archiving.

For commercial use, central monitoring and recording analysis is possible via our MULTIEYE CLOUD.

The MULTIEYE MOVES video system consists of transmitting, receiving and accessory cases for simultaneous operation with up to 4 IP video cameras per transmitter case. MULTIEYE MOVES can optionally be upgraded to the MULTIEYE BOS (LEA) for use by security authorities.