MULTIEYE MOVES mobiles video monitoring system as a case solution

MULTIEYE MOVES transmitting case

MULTIEYE MOVES receiving case

System description

MULTIEYE MOVES is a mobile and robust video system developed for flexible use in surveillance and observation operations. The system consists of weatherproof LTE transmitter and receiver cases that have been specially designed for use in official security operations (BOS).

Secure data transmission

The video data is transmitted securely and protected using state-of-the-art LTE routers manufactured in Germany. The use of VPN ensures maximum encryption and maximum security of data transmission.

Functionalities and expansion options

The system not only enables live monitoring and streaming of cameras, but also the recording and evaluation of video data from one or more transmission boxes. These operations can be carried out using MULTIEYE Support Notebooks on which the MULTIEYE 3 software is installed. Alternatively, we offer project planning and installation of a complete video control center with central archiving.

For commercial applications, the MULTIEYE CLOUD enables central monitoring and analysis of recordings.

Capacity and configuration

The MULTIEYE MOVES system includes transmitter, receiver and accessory cases that support the simultaneous operation of up to four IP video cameras per transmitter case. Optionally, the system can be upgraded to the MULTIEYE BOS platform for use by security authorities to integrate additional functionalities and extended security measures.