MULTIEYE Vehicle Driver Face and License Plate Recognition System

Detection of vehicle drivers through the windscreen. Evaluation and alarming. Long range.

For investigative reasons, real-time recognition of the face of vehicle’s driver in cars, vans, trucks, etc. in moving traffic, especially of the driver and front passenger as well as simultaneous license plate recognition is of great importance. The mobile system can be used e. g. on roads, highways, entrances/exits, border crossings, temporarily or in 24/7 operation. The system can also be used as a driver's certificate for traffic offenses (e. g. distance measurement). Depending on the system configuration and distance to vehicle the co-driver can be recognized as well. 

If faces and/or license plates are detected, automatic transmission to control centres via secure transmission lines is possible.

With conventional video technology, faces in the vehicle can hardly be recognized. Light reflections on the windscreen, unfavourable street lighting, tinted vehicle windows and, last but not least, poor visibility due to bad weather conditions, make recognizing faces of vehicle passengers very difficult. The use of conventional IR illuminators shows no improvement. Speed camera and distance control systems cannot meet the high demands for reliable face recognition.

The use of special technology is required in order to capture the faces of people in vehicles in such a qualitative way that biometric facial profiles can be created and compared with stored profile data.

In cooperation with OptoPrecision GmbH, artec technologies AG has developed such a special system. It employs a combination of a NIR sensitive CMOS video camera with narrow bandwidth interference filter, Eye-save powerful laser-based illuminators, process electronics with image processing, monitoring & recording system and an evaluation system with integrated face and license plate recognition software. Design made for 24h daylight- independent operation.

If the system finds a match, it triggers audio-visual warnings with the vehicle being displayed on a monitor along with its car registration number, faces of passengers and stored comparative data. The video recorder records all data in real time, so that the recordings can be analyzed afterwards.

  • Automatic visualisation (optional biometric face recognition) of the driver and front passenger through the front shield in combination with automatic visualisation of the license plate, optional license plate recognition
  • Areas of application: Vehicle driver identification in traffic offences, investigative measures, border controls, control of access to/exit from commercial and industrial objects, logistics centres, airports, military, camps, endangered objects, etc.
  • Suppression of interfering light such as car headlights
  • Operation with flowing traffic, day/night independent, 24/7
  • Cascadable for several lanes
  • Monitoring, alarming and analysis functions
  • Range: up to 35m, larger ranges on request
  • System consisting of d/n video camera with special lens mounted in weatherproof housing, one or more IR radiators, PoE switch, MULTIEYE network video recorder, monitor and accessories
  • On-site project planning and commissioning support by artec technicians