Video Surveillance Products and Systems for Law Enforcement

Welcome to artec technologies AG – video surveillance technology

We are a manufacturer of video surveillance technology and video surveillance systems with our own development and production.

Video surveillance systems to prevent crime and counter terrorism

We offer product and system solutions especially tailored to the specific requirements of government security agencies and organizations involved in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Our range of product for video monitoring technology on this website

You will find the following range of product for video monitoring technology here on this website of MULTIEYE:

MULTIEYE LEA video manager Video Surveillance Platform with Central Monitoring, Evaluation, Inventory and Access Management
MULTIEYE MOVES Mobile video case solution for observation and surveillance
MULTIEYE STORM Mobile camera station for object and event monitoring
MULTIEYE NEXT Video Management Software (VMS) with integrated artificial intelligence
MULTIEYE video recorders Proven video recorders for mobile and stationary applications
MULTIEYE VCA Video analysis tools for MULTIEYE video management software and recorders
MULTIEYE ANPR License plate recognition software and systems
MULTIEYE VPFLR Vehicle occupant visualization systems
MULTIEYE FACE Face recognition software and systems
XENTAURIX Evidence Recorder Media server for recording and analysis of various AV signals

Do you need further information or application-specific system solutions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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