MULTIEYE Video Analytics As-a-Service

We are able to analyze video recordings on the basis of services provided by our high performance computers according to customer specifications, more than 24 individual video analysis functions are available:

Face Detection / Recognition

Face tracking, face recognition. Recording and storage of faces, in places. Software + hardware.

People’s faces are captured and stored, if desired also in combination with facial recognition.

Number Plate Detection / Recognition

License plate recognition, number plate recognition. Precise detection of vehicles

Vehicle number plates are recorded, recognized and stored. In addition to videos, single images (JPG) from surveillance cameras can also be evaluated.

Motion Detection

Detection of movements of persons + objects in defined areas. Analysis / Reporting.

Persons and objects that move in defined indoor and outdoor areas are recorded and evaluated. The evaluation can be combined with a conspicuous behavioral analysis.

Analyze occupancy rate

Constant monitoring of the crowd in defined zones. Capacity management. Planning resources

Detection and signalling when a threshold value is exceeded in a defined area by persons or objects.

Loitering Detection

Detection of discarded objects. Signalling of persons, vehicles and objects in certain areas.

Detection and signalling of persons, vehicles and objects that stay in a virtual area for longer than a defined period of time.

Panic Disorder Detection

Detection + warning of panic / abnormal movements / dangerous situations.

Detection and signalling of sudden or abnormal changes in the movement of persons in a virtual area.