MULTIEYE Black-Box Media Recorder

Use and application in:

  • Control centers
  • Command centers
  • Monitoring centers
  • Authorities
  • Companies and factories
  • Training centers
  • Events, congresses
  • Centers for Simulator Training

Black-Box Media Recorder for monitoring and detecting events and activities

The MULTIEYE Black Box Media Recorder is used to monitor and detect / verify events and activities. The recorder is excellently suited as part of the video technology of security agencies as well as for prosecution / law enforcement in general. It processes audiovisual signals from various sources such as

  • Video cameras,
  • Microphones,
  • Audio from radiophony, telephone, monitor screens, TV and
  • Metadata such as bookmarks, markers or data from third-party systems.

The recorder streams and saves all signals (data) synchronously in real time. Events can be marked automatically or manually while recording is delayed or recalled as VoD. (VoD = Video on Demand). The system architecture allows system sizes from a few to hundreds of channels.

Monitoring and support for a safe workflow in work processes and at events

The Black Box Media Recorder supports you and monitors securely. You can use the device for the transmission, recording and analysis of work processes, operations, events, training programs and monitoring measures. The media recorder records all audiovisual content and metadata in real time in HD video and Hi-Fi audio quality with maximum operational reliability.

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